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With 98% open rates and 44% CTR, Facebook Messenger chatbot as efficient as it gets.
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1.3 Billion People Use
Messenger Each Month

Did you know that the average number of messages sent monthly between users and businesses is 20 billion? We are more than happy to introduce the easiest tool for creating chatbots for business pages.
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Grow your business with Botsurfer

What does Botsurfer do?

With Botsurfer, you can easily create a Facebook Messenger chatbot - a piece of software that uses simple artificial intelligence (AI) to communicate with customers and fulfil various roles:
  • handling lead generation and qualification,
  • generating sales,
  • supporting your clients.
Botsurfer offers advanced options that are easy to learn and offer great business potential. This means that the possibilities of automation on the Facebook Messenger platform with Botsurfer depend only on your creativity.
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Grow your business with Botsurfer

Why choose BOTSURFER
over other tools?

Simple design, featuring great visual interface and cutting edge user experience.
Powerful features, that enable you to build and re-use different Conversation Scenarios.
Free option
All you need for basic automation with UNLIMITED conversations and subscribers.
Business version
Powerful Business version with simple pricing based on the number of businesses you want to manage.
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